Airfield Design

From rehabilitation of existing infrastructure to new construction, iCON can provide a one-stop shop for all airfield civil components.

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Gate Planning

From remote overnight hardstands to intricate multiple apron ramp systems (MARS), gate planning and compatibility is a strongsuit of iCON.

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Airspace Planning

As the aviation and transportation means and methods are shifting towards automation, iCON is leading the movement.

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Asset Management

With increased emphasis on Pavement Management Systems for maintenance and rehabilitation planning, let iCON assist with Airfield Capital Improvement Programming.

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Forensic Studies

iCON is well suited to carry out detailed inspection and testing programs for the evaluation and analysis of civil infrastructure failures.

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Construction Inspection

Since a design is only as good as the execution, iCON can perform Constructability Reviews and on-site Construction Inspection.

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Here to Help


Clients need individualized and focused attention when assistance is sought.  iCON strives to provide honesty and dedication through relationship building and a personalized plan to solving each problem.  Many of our clients' future problems are still unknown; Let it be known that iCON can solve it when it arises.

iCON equips clients with value driven solutions to all aviation based needs.  A hands-on approach finds synergy with the surrounding environment and available resources to provide the most possible value and efficiency.  

Together, we can soar to new heights.


Next Steps...

iCON is currently looking to develop personalized relationships with potential clients and industry professionals.